Our Holding

Miratorg — Russia's leading meat-producer and supplier

We outstrip our closest competitors in pork production by more than twice – with a total of 400 thousand tons of pork per year. We hold first place in Russia for beef production, with a figure of 80 thousand tons in 2017. The secrets to our success are our investment in cutting-edge technology, highly-qualified staff, and a properly-structured business set-up.


We succeed in increasing our production output every year. In 2017 we produced 114 thousand tons of poultry meat, and 415 thousand tons of pork – but those figures had risen to 82 thousand tons. In terms of beef production, output since 2015 was up 2 times year-on-year.

with world
environmental standards

We care for the world around us, observe biological safety standards, and support ethically responsible business practices. Making sure our products are environmentally-friendly and natural is one of the primary business basics at Miratorg.

Contemporary technology and
an innovative approach
to business

We are actively rolling-out the latest technology – automatically self-regulating microclimates, light levels, automated fodder and water supply, the use of robots, and automated production lines enable us to guarantee reliably top-quality products.

The complete
production cycle –
from the field to the fridge

We take care of the complete production cycle ourselves – from growing the fodder crops for the animals to retail sales in shopping centres. This enables us to control production quality at every stage, as well as ensuring the optimum net cost for each product, and an accessible price when it reaches the consumer.

staff and a professional
career-path for employees

We are involved in creating real jobs which provide stable employment and an honest pay-cheque. All our staff receive social guarantees, and the opportunity for professional development and growth. Today, Miratorg is one of the Russia's largest employers in the agricultural sector of the economy, with more than 26,000 staff working at our many facilities and locations. We actively collaborate with more than 30 different farming and agricultural colleges and institutes, with study grants for promising students, and a company apprenticeship program.

quality products
at affordable prices

We offer a wide range of safe and affordable meat thanks to modern quality management system.

Core values

All of our work is driven by our strongly-held core corporate values:

  • effective integration of the interests of national governmental policy with the interests of our company, and those of end-user consumers
  • using modern technology and innovation to achieve our manufacturing goals
  • adherence to Russian and international standards in all aspects of the vertical integration structure of our group of companies
  • thorough synergy of our extensive experience in the market with the experience of leading world companies
  • effective management
  • qualified staff
  • high-level social activity by the group of companies