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Miratorg – a Company To Be Proud Of

We're sure that social responsibility stems from a desire to grow, expand, and to change the world around us for the better. We understand that we can only produce the best product on the market if all of our staff believe in what they are doing – and that local people in the regions where we operate see that our company is making people's lives better.

Our social responsibility means:

Russia's №1 Employer in the Agrobusiness Sector

Every year we create thousands of new jobs, and we provide successful job-seekers with stable employment at decent rates of pay. We provide all our staff with the complete range of social benefits, and the opportunity for their careers to grow alongside the company.

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Education and Training for Young People

We've effectively created a new Russian professional skills centre specialising in the production of animal livestock – and a system of professional training dedicated to producing dedicated industry specialist staff.

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Charity, Outreach and Social Involvement

We take an active part in people's lives in the regions where we operate – aiding rural schools and children's homes, developing sport for children and young people, helping regional medical facilities and organisations working with the disabled.

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Protecting Our Environment

We collaborate with specialised government agencies and non-state environmental organisations in promoting and carrying out best environmental practice in the fields of biological and ecological protection.

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About Miratorg Agricultural Holdings

Stability and certainty in the future

Step by step we are managing to alter the perception that our staff have about their work. Today, Miratorg offers respectable and decent salaries, a complete package of social benefits, and the chance to develop their professional abilities to over 26,000 staff.

Miratorg is one of the largest employers in the agricultural sector of the Russian economy. Every year we create thousands of new jobs – primarily in village areas, where our efforts are reviving traditions of stable employment for decent wages, with all social benefits included.

A cottage housing development was built for the company's staff in Belgorod Region.
A children's kindergarten catering for up to 100 kids was built for the children of our staff.
We have rolled out a grant program to support talented students from agriculture colleges
We are investing funds in building a complex for multi-phase waste treatment facilities.