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Miratorg Agribusiness Holding is the Russia's largest meat producer

We offer consumers more than 3000 different own-brand products which we produce in-house – marbled beef, pasture-fed beef, pork, chicken, stewed meat, burgers, frozen ready meals, vegetables, berries, mushrooms and TV-dinner. Every year we produce more than one thousand tons of our products and distribute them throughout Russia – making them accessible for all our consumers.

Reliably high quality

All of our products provide 100% quality and safety, due to our complete 'from the field to the fridge' production cycle.

No GMOs or growth hormones

We raise all our animals without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones, and guarantee natural high quality products to our customers, without any GMO contents whatsoever.

Loyalty Program

We support our frequent buyers. Our loyal cards enable customers to accumulate bonuses on every purchase they make in our own chain of retail outlets.

For customers

Product Brands

The Miratorg corporation offers consumers a wide range of different kinds of products in main product categories.