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Pink veal

Pink veal is a popular ingredient in many cuisines all over Europe and is especially popular in Austria, Germany, Italy and France. Its tender, pinkish meat with light flavor consists little to no fat which makes it a perfect dish for people with various health difficulties. Miratorg pink veal is meat from calves aged up to eight months which are raised in a stress free environment on our farms.

Why choose Miratorg Pink Veal?


For those who have special dietary preference.

Easily digested

For those who need more energy.

All amino acids

For hard-workers and youngsters.

Distinct flavor
and tender taste

For food enthusiasts, who care about their health

How we produce pink veal

Pink veal Miratorg is meat from Golstin-Friess calves aged up to eight months.

These breed is mostly used for milk production, which means that male calves are of no use for farmers. We buy calves when they are only 3 to 21 days old to rear them at our own farms. We control feeding and housing as well as calves’ health and well-being from the earliest stages.

Our farm is build and equipped according to the latest technologies to care for calves.

Our farm is build and equipped according to the latest technologies to care for calves. Light level, humidity, temperature as well as bacteriological safety are controlled automatically. Experienced employees care for calves all day long and help them adapt to new conditions. At earlier stages we use milk feed that was developed in the Netherlands. Later in time calves start to get harder feed and vitamin and mineral complexes. Harder feeds include silos, straw, corn, muesli and grain and are thoroughly balanced. Animals always have fresh food from automatic feeders. By the age of 8 months calves weigh around 270-280 kg.

How to choose the right pink veal

Meat color usually depends on the age of the animal — the brighter it is and the more intense, the older is the animal. Veal has an even pink color which is also due to iron-free feeding.