We produce only what we love ourselves

We love meat and we know everything about it. We were the first in Russia to create a tech-tech production, where we produce our own forages and animals. Our brand is the guarantee of top quality. That’s why Miratorg meat have already earned your trust. Our company’s sausage products are excellent own produced meat, unique cooking technologies, knowledge of traditions and good taste. We care for those buy our products. Consequently, we never accept a compromise in regards to quality issues.


Meat expert with 20 years of experience

Own raw-materials

Quality control at all stages

The biggest beef and pork producer in Russia

Cutting edge equipment

We do only what we love ourselves

Sausage “Doktorskaya” Sausage “Doktorskaya”

The secret of Miratorg’ delicate taste is Black Angus marbled beef. We added still more meat.

Cervelat "Finskiy" Cervelat "Finskiy"

Cervelat "Finskiy" is made from selected meat- pork, beef and chicken fillet. We smoked sausages with beech wood chips to reveal as much as possible the eating qualities of the product.

Frankfurters “Molochnye” Frankfurters “Molochnye”

Black Angus marbled beef sausages are incredibly juicy and tender. We manufactured the product in accordance with GOST- milk and natural spices are added to emphasize meat taste. Frankfurters “Molochnye” are suitable both for a hearty breakfast and a quick bite.