Tender Pork

Tender Pork

Тender Pork is a new product of Miratorg. It is unique for the Russian market. Meat from PIC pigs is exposed to wet aged. We pack the product in vacuum bags, and keep in special rooms for 3 weeks. It is an optimal time for pork to become tender with rich taste. Now, everyone can cook a gourmet meal at home.


21 days of maturation

Quality control from field to market

International quality standards

Special breed of pig

Quick and easy to cook

Perfect for grill

Pork maturation


it may be news to some people that pork has unique qualities that reveals while maturation. The main purpose of maturation is tenderizing and flavor intensification. Wet ageing is prestoring of meat cuts in the vacuum bags in special rooms at constant temperature of +2 °С and humidity for 21 days. As a result, enzyme and biochemical reactions occur in muscle fibres, and meat becomes tender. Wet ageing is a universal method to produce high quality pork.

Bavarskie sausages Tender Pork Bavarskie sausages Tender Pork Sausages in natural casings are made of fresh, choice, chop meat of own production with adding natural spices (garlic, allspice, onion) which add flavor to the sausages. It is easy to cook – just sear for a few minutes both sides.
Neck steak in BBQ sauce Tender Pork Neck steak in BBQ sauce Tender Pork Neck steak in classic BBQ sauce for food-lovers. There is no need to add spices, we did it for you. Put steak in the pan or grill – your dinner is ready!
Nezhnaya pork belly Tender Pork Nezhnaya pork belly Tender Pork Tender and juicy pork belly steaks in aromatic, smoky marinade with natural spices (paprika, tomato, garlic) are perfect choice for pan searing.