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What is a Rodeo?

People say that Rodeo is an American idea – although most of the skills cowboys use were picked-up from Mexican and Spanish cattle-wranglers. The word «rodeo» itself comes from the Spanish «rodear», meaning «to surround» – and its original meaning is «to round up cattle».

The wranglers whose work involves
herding and droving cattle have different names in their many different countries:
USA – cowboys, cow-punchers, broncos, cattlemen, wranglers, stockmen, ranchers
Mexico – vagueros, or charros
Hawaii – pagnol
Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay – gauchos
Peru – chalan
Venezuela – lanero
Chile – guacu
Lassoing bulls
is a daily task for cowboys on the plains, which has now become a real art in itself. Although spectacular cowboy stunts – like jumping from a moving horse onto a bull's back, or hanging onto the back of an angry bull for eight seconds – aren't really part of everyday cattle-rearing.

Cowboy Kit

and learn more
Jeans are fitted trousers designed to be worn in the saddle, so as not to rub the skin during a long day's ride. Cowboys often wore leather chaps over their jeans. Chaps originated in Mexico, where shepherds wore them as protection when they had to dive through thick undergrowth on the High Chapparal.
Cowboy boots
These ought to be authentic leather too – with pointed toes, for a fumble-free flick into the stirrup. The Cuban-shape sloped heels make it easy to slip the foot out of the stirrup too – in case the horse throws you, or you fall.
Cowboy saddle
This needs to be authentic leather with traditional decoration. The design is based on one created by the Spanish Vaqueros wranglers. Although it may be a little wider and deeper than a traditional saddle, the load is evenly distributed over the horse's back, making it possible to ride for long hours in the saddle. The girth is tied down with a long leather strap, and wide stirrups prevent snaggling the foot, in case of a fall.
Stetson hat, with a tall crown and bent-up edges
The hat's main duty is to shade its wearer from the glare of the sun. The Stetson gets its name from John Stetson – the man who first produced this leather hat, in 1865. There's a whole lore of legend about Stetsons. For example, you should never drop one, or luck will run out on you. That means it has to be a good fit – so always try it on for size when buying, so that it doesn't slip off, even in the middle of a helter-skelter horseback chase after cattle.

How the Rodeo tradition began in Russia

The first rodeos in Russia began in Bryansk Region
In 2010 the Miratorg Group began its first operations to rear top-quality Aberdeen Black Angus beef in Russia. The company hired twelve Texas cowboys who could come and teach the Russian greenhorns how to round up cattle on the range – with all the insider skills they would need to do the job in Russia.
Today Miratorg's 63 cattle farms in Russia employ more than 1000 Russian cowboys

– although strictly speaking, their job title in Russian is 'animal-handler/operator'. Unlike their counterparts in N America, our cowboys have a job title which reflects their level of professionalism.

The skill level in Russian Rodeos
is judged according to the participants' performance in four different tests - “Setting off”, “Lasso team-work”, “Horse relay”, and “Loading the trailer”.

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