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Miratorg invests over 5.4 billion rubles in cattle ranchos in Smolensk region

Smolensk, August 1– Miratorg, Russia’s largest beef producer, has been investing  over 5.4 billion rubles in expansion of its cattle project in Smolensk region since 2015. 

Miratorg built from scratch the vertically integrated production of high-quality beef with a total cattle stock of the Aberdeen-Angus breed exceeding 600 thousand heads. The company continues expansion setting up new farms in Bryansk, Orel, Kaluga, Smolensk, Tula, Kaliningrad regions and plans to increase the herd to 1 million heads by 2021. 

Miratorg considers Smolensk region as an important region for the development of the beef production. Today, the company’s total land bank in the Smolensk region exceeds 85.7 thousand hectares. The company has already set 10 cattle farms with a total stock of more than 41.9 thousand heads, created 455 new work places with the decent salary in rural areas. Miratorg continues to invest in the development of agro-industrial infrastructure - by the end of the year the company will put into operation a new production base in the Khislavichsky district. 

“The company not only increases the number of cattle heads, builds new farms and develops the large-scale production of high-quality beef, but step-by-step increases area of cultivated lands. Miratorg’s meat project plays an important social role too – it propels new jobs and taxes to the local budgets”, Miratorg press centre sid.