Miratorg is the Russia's largest producer and deliverer of meat and meat ready-to-use ingredients to the HoReCa segment.

Our client base includes the real giants of the industry, with hundreds of restaurants and millions of dining guests every year – and fashionable dining locations which set the trends for the entire market.

Reliably high quality

We manage the quality of our products at every stage of the production system. Our complete cycle 'from the field to the fridge' ensures our guarantee of quality, hygiene and dependable taste qualities in our products, in each and every delivery.

Correct delivery contents, with no outdated items

We deliver our goods within date, and in the correct quantity, to any point in Russia. We maintain tough standards for delivery and storage of our products, using our highly advanced low-temperature distribution system.

Delivery throughout Russia, day after day

We provide dependable delivery of our food products to our Holding's clients throughout every Region of Russia. Our own in-house logistics operation and network of distribution centres are key elements in our 'from field to fridge' business model philosophy.

How to become a partner

It is easy to get started right away!

We offer really worthwhile and profitable terms to partners, with simple documentation, advanced delivery systems and easy communications.

Registration and submitting your form

Tell us about yourself and your business by completing the partnership application form. It will not take longer than two minutes!

Completing the documentation

Prepare the documents needed to complete the Agreement, and become a partner.

Access activation and your personal account

Gain access to your partner personal account. Set up orders, follow the status of your orders, and manage the documentation. Coming soon

Our Services

We set up deliveries and help you develop your business

We are experts in the production, preparation and sales of meat products. When working with us, our partners not only gain access to top-quality products, but also our professional expertise in preparing and serving a wide range of meat products. We offer expertise in business development, and superb service.

Developing a menu

We can help to set-up or update your menus

Staff training

We can train your staff to prepare and sell our products

Seasonal and regional offers

We offer a broad range of discounts depending on the season in which you purchase, and also on the cultural and geographical norms prevailing in the area where you are operating.

Loyalty Program

We offer loyalty schemes for you and for your staff

Offset payment schemes

We can reach agreement with your payment requirements.

Special orders

We can provide urgent delivery of any quantities of our products, on special terms.