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Broiler chickens from the market leader

Miratorg has launched poultry project in Bryansk region in 2014. Here we raise broiler chicken in modern facilities with automatic climate control, feeding and water systems. Broiler chickens are widely known for their tender and tasty meat.

For poultry production we use broiler cross ROSS 38. In 40 days chickens gain enough weight and are big enough for further production. On our facilities we keep chickens in comfortable conditions and treat them with humanity.

We produce feeds from corn and grain that we grow ourselves. The chickens get all nutritional elements as well vitamins and minerals that help them grow and make their meat more useful. We do not use GMI in our production according to the Russian laws.

Why choose Miratorg Chicken?

Fresh and tasty products

Ecofriendly product


Highest quality

No antibiotics or GMI

Everyday veterinary control