Poultry meat

Broiler chickens from the market leader

Poultry under Miratorg’s brand is produced in complete compliance with the main idea of our company – “Quality with no compromises”

To let you enjoy our natural and tasty products every day, we have built the unique full-cycle factory in the Bryansk region.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, comfortable and humane housing conditions of birds, balanced diet consisting of our own-produced feed, we are the market leaders and we can offer you the most tasty and healthy poultry products – from whole chicken carcasses to sausages.


Fresh and tasty products

Ecofriendly product


Highest quality

No antibiotics or GMI

Everyday veterinary control

Мясо птицы Grill party with roasted potato

Мясо птицы Vитамин Shawarma with chicken and vegetables

Мясо птицы Chicken in foil fried on coals

Poultry cuts

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