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Matured beef is a unique product that has little alternatives in the world. It’s the highest quality meat from Black Angus cows that have been cared for with kindness and all due attention their whole life.

Cows that are older than 3-4 years were previously considered as main supply for pet food but now the world has changed its view and learned to enjoy the chewy structure of matured beef steaks, its intense flavor and outstanding taste. Due to grass feeding and free range steaks from matured cows have lower marble grade but creamy fat makes the beef juicy and aromatic.

Matured beef steaks are often dry aged. During this process meat become softer and acquires an interesting, nutty flavor. Miratorg has its own dry aging room where we age our beef up to 28 days.

Why choose Miratorg Matured beef?

100% Black Angus

Free range grass-fed

Dry and wet aging up to 28 days