Dumplings from real meat

Dumplings from real meat

Dumplings are the favorite dish of the Russian cuisine. They are always helpful when there is no time to cook and when there are a lot of unexpected guests. We make our dumplings from own-produced meat, so there is no doubt when talking about their quality. Everyone can find the most liked ones: traditional “Homemade” from pork and beef, exquisite marbled beef Black Angus dumplings, appetizing “manty” and juicy “hinkali”

The quality of our products is the thing you can enjoy yourselves or share it with your beloved ones.


Own produced meat

Top quality flour for dough

Natural spices

Natural stock inside

Unique recipe

International quality standards

We use only the best ingredients…

…in accordance with our traditions. All products are made from top quality flour to bring you joy when eating them. Our commitment to the use of high quality ingredients is our distinguishing feature, try it and see for yourself!

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Dumplings for frying Dumplings for frying Miratorg’s dumplings “For frying” are the absolutely new product for Russia which opens the new category of dumplings. Recipe was specially developed to be suitable for frying. The result: juicy meat filling in appetizing dough with crispy crust.
Marbled beef WAGYU dumplings Marbled beef WAGYU dumplings

The first time on the market – dumpling from premium marbled beef WAGYU.

Own produced raw materials from WAGYU beef. Now there is more meat due to the bigger size of a dumpling. The unique meaty flavor, the unsurpassable juiciness!

Marbled beef dumplings Black Angus Marbled beef dumplings Black Angus

Dumplings from marbled beef Black Angus are made following the classic recipe and only the best ingredients are used: top quality meat, hard sort of wheat and natural spices. Rich flavor, juicy meat and soft dough – give it a try!


Розовая телятина

Розовая телятина