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Beef for a perfect steak

Miratorg has set up mass production of marbled Black Angus beef in Russia – real beef that offers users the opportunity to cook the perfect steak. Miratorg has its own stud farm of Aberdeen Angus steers, with their characteristic black appearance. By keeping strict direct control over the production of their fodder and feeding regime, and by directly managing the professional meat processing operations using special high-tech facilities located in the Bryansk Region of Russia, as well as the experience and input of top Russian and international experts in beef production and culinary matters, Miratorg is able to produce superlative-quality Black Angus marbled beef.

What is marbled beef?

Special meat cattle herd

Special feeding ration

Thin fat layers in the meat

Quality control from field to shelf

Easy carving and cooking

Unique flavour, juiciness and tenderness

The benefit you get from Miratorg

Miratorg's company slogan is “Quality Without Compromise”. To ensure that our products are truly without compromise, top-quality and delicious, we raise all our animals without any use of antibiotics or growth hormones – and we don't permit any use of genetically-modified ingredients. Eco-friendly, natural products are what give the Miratorg range its competitive edge.

Diagram of beef cuts

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Cooking Steaks


Every new product from Miratorg is created on the basis of the best world culinary achievements, under the watchful eye of a team of professional chefs. From 2013 onwards the Brand Chef of the company has been Mr Dmitry Lazko, who takes responsibility for the development of the recipes for new products, holds master-classes and presentations, and has prepared food for Russia's national political leaders.

To help our customers enjoy the taste of Black Angus marbled beef to the full, our chef team has developed a whole host of different informative materials, recommended recipes and suggestions for the best ways to cook steaks. There are also ideas for everything from Russian traditional meals through to the most spectacular of modern cookery.