Meat for baking

Meat for baking Miratorg is marinated using the unique recipe of our chef cooks. Among the ingredients of our product are top quality meat and natural spices without excessive E additives. You don’t have to put a lot of efforts to cook, just place a bag with the product in an oven, wait for a little more than an hour — and flavorful hot dish is ready to be served. Classic buzhenina, flavorful chicken tabaka and original «Osso buco» from marbled beef — you can find meat to suit any taste.

You don’t even need to clean up your oven!


From own-produced chilled meat

Meat expert №1 with 20 years of experience

Clean oven

Natural product

Easy and convenient cooking

Chief cook’s recipes

Мясо птицы Chicken roasted with Provence-style herb butter

2 hours 4 people

Говядина Black Angus Roast beef in a mustard marinade

4.5 hours 8-10 people

Свинина Stuffed Ham with Garlic and Carrots

3,5 hours 8-10 people