We created vareniki in accordance with the traditional recipe which will be appreciated even by the youngest gourmands.

Vareniki made from natural ingredients with ripe cherry, natural dairy quark, potato and button mushrooms will bring those childhood memories back.

Try eating them and see for yourself!


Dough from top quality flour

Traditional recipes

Natural ingredients

 Vareniki with cherry Vareniki with cherry

Sweet dish from high-quality ingredients is made in accordance with the classic recipe. Behind the thin layer of dough there is a filling from juicy berries which will not be insufficient.

Vareniki with dairy quark Vareniki with dairy quark

We make our vareniki using hard sorts of wheat and homemade dairy quark. They have no flavour enhancers and preserving agents, that is why our product has such a delicate flavor!

Vareniki with potato and mushrooms Vareniki with potato and mushrooms

Appetizing vareniki has fine aroma and just melt in the mouth. Delicate dough and nutritious filling are flavored with natural spices without artificial additives, thanks to that rich but natural flavor is obtained.