Pancakes «Miratorg»

Pancakes «Miratorg»

Pancakes «Miratorg» are made for you with love and care. We closely followed the recipe and, what is the most important, we preserved the features and taste of pancakes which are so well known to us since the childhood.

Natural, fresh fillings emphasize the flavor and make the pancake juicier. Due to the triangular shape of a pancake the filling is evenly distributed which makes it possible to fully enjoy the taste of the favorite dish. Pancakes «Miratorg» evenly fried on both sides using the cast iron pan, that is why our pancake has such an appealing caramel color.


Even frying with the cast iron pan on both sides

Optimal pancake to filling ration: 70/30

Structural granular filling

Thin pancake just like at home

It is possible to heat up the product with a tray in a microwave oven