Fried bacon

The bacon you like

Check out the bright taste of crunchy and flavorful slices of fried bacon. The bacon has been prepared in accordance with all the rules from own produced farm pork, it is ready to be served right from the package. It will go well with the main dish or it can be used as a snack.


Appealing even slices

Suitable for any
group of people

Eat both hot and cold

Are you ready for culinary experiments?

To emphasize the flavor of your favorite dishes or to make absolutely new ones, what would you like? Whatever your choice is, we are sure that the fried bacon will become one of your favorite ingredients. Try to cook it with

  • Pasta
  • Omelet
  • Scrambled eggs 
  • Salad 
  • Fried potatoes 
  • And other dishes
  • Паста
  • Омлет
  • Салат
  • картошка фри и бекон
Fried slices Fried slices

We recommend you to use this bacon with pasta, omelet, scrambled eggs, potato, salads and any other dishes.

Classic bacon Classic bacon

Classic bacon Crispy and flavorful slices of bacon are good option for a quick and nutritious snack both in cold and heated state.

жареный бекон яичница бекон